Have Lunch In London The Lebanese Way

Ah, lunch! It doesn’t matter if it’s just a mezze or an entire meal, lunch is one of the most enjoyable life experiences!

So, why don’t you pop down to Abd el Wahabwith your family or friends and have lunch in London the Lebanese way!

Chich Taouk

For lunch, you must try our chicken kebabs. Our meat is fresh, mouth-watering, and rich in flavours thanks to our marinating process, as well as the sensory discharge of our divine spices. Some salad and pita on the side and you’re in for a real treat!


Fancy some yogurt? Then you need a Fatteh! It is one of the most delicious Lebanese choices that we serve in a ‘Fakhar’. A traditional dish, Fatteh is one we definitely recommend you try. Now you just need to decide which one to choose: Hommos Fatteh, Eggplant Fatteh, Chicken Fatteh, Shrimps Fatteh!

Ful Medames (Foul)

Beans that we marinate in olive and lemon juice and serve it in fakhar. If you prefer, you can also choose to eat it a bit spicier. It also goes delicious with onions, tomatoes, mint, radish, olives, and green pepper.

Halawet el Riz

What is a lunch without some dessert! We recommend you to try our Halawet el Riz! This is a Lebanese dessert dish which consists from a rice (Riz), cheese and cream. Halawet el Riz has two layers. The bottom layer is made out of rice and cheese, and the top layer is rich and creamy topped with ground pistachios.

Fancy a lunch in London the Lebanese way? Book a table now and enjoy an authentic Lebanese meal. Јust call us on 020 7235 0005 or order your delivery.

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