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7 Delicious Lebanese Dishes to Try in London

Bringing you flavors from the “Paris of the Middle East” culture directly to your plate? Now available at your favorite Lebanese restaurant in London! From this vast and exciting place, we bring you 7 dishes that are rich in Lebanese culture. So, the next time you have a chance, stop by Abd El Wahab and enjoy its authentic and arguably finest Lebanese cuisine in London.

Chich Taouk

Try our succulent chicken skewers. Our meat is fresh, mouth-watering, and rich in flavors thanks to our marinating process. Once you take a bite and release those incredibly uniquely spiced flavours, you’ll know you made a great choice. Some salad and pita on the side and you’re in for a real treat!


Something so simply, yet exquisite in taste. It’s falafel and if you haven’t tried them, you’re more than welcomed to come and sample ours. We prepare it from fried chickpeas and wrap it up with pita bread and a multitude of fresh vegetables. Falafel tastes incredible, and if you want to go out for Lebanese food in London and try something new, don’t pass up on this delicacy at Abd El Wahab.


Parsley, tomatoes, onions, and bulgur that are blended in a sauce of olive oil and lemon juice. You can eat it with lettuce, and of course, it goes brilliantly with pita, pretty much like every other Lebanese food in the most authentic Lebanese restaurant in London.


The palatable and favorable Shawarma. We roast the meat on a spit and we peel it off to and serve it with some pita, vegetables, as well as some tahini sauce for extra sweetness. Tabbouleh and fattoush are also recommended with shawarma.


Kofta meatballs seasoned with onions, parsley, and various spices. We can serve them in various ways, and they’re especially tasty when combined with potatoes and tomato sauce.


And of course, it can’t be a Lebanese food experience if there isn’t any Baklava as a dessert. You cannot go wrong with baklava as the final pleasure of your Lebanese food experience in London at Abd El Wahab.

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